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Representing women in all circumstances "is our philosophy and in LUAN stores, thanks to careful research, you will find all this!

This is the spirit that animates our clothing stores in Palermo, as well as the primary objective of our work.
Enhance every woman, in her naturalness and in her physicality without sacrifices, without regrets, because fashion must be at the service of the person and must be a pleasant way to have fun and take care of oneself.

Luan's design gives life to a magical and surreal environment, extremely playful and informal, where wallpapers with delicate flower prints and minimal furnishings help to recreate a muffled and relaxing environment. You will be welcomed in an enveloping atmosphere.

In this way, trying on a dress, choosing an accessory or making a purchase is no longer a habitual, almost distracted gesture, but becomes a real sensory experience, which accompanies you along an alternative path of fashion and style.

We guarantee each customer the opportunity to make purchases directly from his home or in the nearest store, in a practical, comfortable and fun way, a real daily pampering, in an elegant, modern and attention to detail.

LUANFashion.Store is one of the main clothing stores in Palermo, today it offers you new possibilities: you can buy through the constantly updated Facebook and Instagram pages and through Whatsapp, where you will find one of our stylists who will take care of you, and through the brand new official site dedicated to e-Commerce "luanfashion.store/".).

Every month we offer you the latest seasonal news from the best brands on the market and we do it at truly surprising prices, without neglecting every style, every trend and every physicality. Because we love to always be in step with the times, precursors of fashions and trends, but with an eye to the specific needs of Mediterranean and Italian women.

Our clothing stores in Palermo are multi-brand realities of international inspiration, both from a managerial and stylistic point of view, both in the proposals and in the presentation to the public. A breath of modernity and a small window open to the world and all the latest fashion news.

All this and much more is LUAN. Come to one of our stores to discover the new collection or visit the website to buy your favorite garment, from the comfort of your home. We are always at your disposal and you will receive the information you want in a very short time.


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